Discuss: Good Time

What did you think of the film?

Did it challenge you or give you an insight into something new?

What were the artistic merits of the film?

Any comments on cinematography, direction, acting, plot, script?

What emotions did this film evoke?

How much did you enjoy this film?

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5 Responses to Discuss: Good Time

  1. Lucia Barrimore says:

    Congratulations on your selection of the film “Good Time” ! The subtly clever plot, with its totally implausible actions, the lack of intellectual subtlety, the graphic violence (which never fails to delight) all combining to present a glorification of American low-life where the cleverness of cold, venal impulse can be admired. The fantasy of this film could not fail to inspire and thrill those members of the population who have had little or no education and who possess even less cultural/aesthetic sensibilities.
    It is to your credit that you show a film like this to the patrons of the LFS: it shows how open-minded you are. It also demonstrates a fabulous respect for the intelligence and educational altitudes of LFS members. It is gratifying to realise that my membership to this society has not been a total waste of money !
    Keep up the good work.

    • Deb Collings says:

      Can only endorse Lucia’s review – while admitting that my opinion is based on only half the movie, since the assault on my eardrums led me to the conclusion I’d be much happier doing the grocery shopping and so left, contemplating my good fortune in living here (rather than there).

    • Andrew Pitt says:

      I really enjoyed this film despite having a Masters Degree.

  2. Phillipa Adams says:

    Brilliant. This is what Film Societies are about – good films don’t need to be entertaining but this had a some very funny moments. Black comedy with excellent acting and a superb soundtrack that perfectly matched the mental state of the characters. Totally implausible story – but that was part of the comedy and the character portrayals were so realistic.
    Sad that a few members walked out – they really missed a memorable film.

  3. Lesley Jones says:

    Quite agree! This was definitely one for the film connoisseur.

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