Results of Film Voting April 2016

Three green dots given to each voter for the films most liked.
One black dot for the film most disliked.

Film Green Black Satisfaction
The BĂ©lier Family 250 2 248
Holding the Man 142 5 137
The Gift 128 4 124
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 123 1 122
Tanna 110 2 108
Phoenix 110 9 101
The Lost Aviator 50 4 46
The Tribe 39 62 -23
Mistree America 21 59 -38
The Lobster 31 103 -72

The satisfaction score is calculated by subtracting the number of black dots placed for the film from the number of green dots placed.

2 Responses to Results of Film Voting April 2016

  1. Stephen Jones says:

    congratulations to the committee on presenting a diverse selection of films, some challenging, some from new countries and cultures. Well done.

  2. Fritz says:

    There must be some mistake. Surely there can’t have been that many LFS members who actually liked The Tribe and Mistress America. Or am I living in another world? Or maybe it is them, not me!

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