The Teacher

What did you think of the film?

Did it challenge you or give you an insight into something new?

What were the artistic merits of the film?

Any comments on cinematography, direction, acting, plot, script?

What emotions did this film evoke?

How much did you enjoy this film?

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One Response to The Teacher

  1. Joanne Liston says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Teacher. The extent of the teacher’s actions was revealed at a slow pace by oscillating between the meeting and flashbacks giving the film an enjoyable rhythm. Showing little regard for education the performance of the actor playing the teacher was outstanding. Equally the child actors portrayed authentic students responding to a situation beyond their control. The themes: human nature, abuse of power (or is it opportunism) and ‘governance’ stood out. Set mainly in doors, things such as the period wall paper helped emphasise the era in which the film was set.
    A final thought…As a parent questioned in the meeting What is wrong with helping out others? As an educator…Could I be swayed to give good grades? What would I accept? Confidently nothing…well it would be a lot more than fixing a lamp 😀😜

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