Electronic scanner – Why is my membership card scanned?

Scanning of membership cards provides the committee with information about attendance at screenings. The only information on the card is your name and membership number. Each membership is valid for use (by the member only) for one screening per week. If you do not have your card, a Committee Member will be there to assist. Rest assured that if you are a paid-up member you will be able to see the movie. But please understand you may be delayed entry while other members are admitted.

Film selection – How are films selected?

The committee selects films each term, usually from recent releases. It is our aim to select films of merit, including subtitled foreign films, and to avoid films already screened by Village in Launceston. Films must already be available in the country and from the film distributor.

View more here :Film Selection Procedure

Film selection – Can I suggest a film?

Members are welcome to email suggestions for films; please note that we are aware of films that are reviewed in the press and on TV. It is the films that slip beneath the radar that we are most happy to learn about. Please check that we have not already screened the film by using the search function on the website to check back copies of NEWSREEL.

Lost cards – What do I do if I have lost my card? Can I see films whilst it is replaced?

Lost cards will be replaced for a cost of $10, by selecting Apply Here your new card will be posted out to you. You can still attend films whilst this process takes place – please notify the Committee Member at the door.

Membership – Can I lend my card to someone else?

It is not possible to lend your card to someone else, as the LFS is a “members only” society. Our screening licence requires that admission to screenings is strictly for members only. This means that the member named on the card may attend the film once per week. It is not possible to lend your card to others, and you may be asked to provide identification.

Membership – Can I obtain a guest membership?

Guest Passes are available for purchase by members. Click on "Membership" and "Guest Pass" and all the information is provided there.

Apply Here

Membership – Can I transfer my membership?

Memberships cannot be transferred. Membership of the LFS is managed through a waiting list. If you know someone who would like to become a member, please encourage them to join the waiting list. Apply Here

Newsreel – Where can I get a copy?

Newsreel will be posted out to members before each term commences. You can request to download Newsreel from the website rather than receive a copy. If you did not receive your copy in the mail, there are a small number of extra copies kept at the cinema. If you have lost your copy, you can view and download NEWSREEL on the downloads page.

Number of members – How many members are there in the LFS? Can it be increased to reduce the waiting list?

There are currently approximately 1,150 members of the LFS. The largest theatre in the Village complex holds around 290 people, providing a maximum capacity of 1160 seats per week over four sessions. This means a seat cannot always be guaranteed at any screening. The scanner provides us with data on attendance figures to assist with managing membership numbers.

Screenings – Why are films not shown in the school holidays?

During the school holidays, the cinema is not available to the LFS as Village increases its screenings for school age audiences.

Waiting List – How do I get on the waiting list?

The popularity of the LFS means most members renew their membership year after year, with membership renewals in November and December each year. To become a member, please Apply Here. You will then be placed on the waiting list. If you are seeking membership for more than one person (e.g. a couple), please include details of all people. You will be contacted by email when an offer of membership becomes available.