The LFS collects member contact and demographic details to assist with communicating with the membership and monitoring attendances at screenings. Occasionally, the LFS surveys members’ views relevant to the business of the LFS.

Member privacy is important to us and is protected in the following ways:

The information that is collected:

  • On joining the society, members provide their name, a photo, postal address and their e-mail address.
  • At each screening members show their membership cards and these are scanned. This provides information about who has attended each screening.

How this information is used:

  • Only information related to the achievement of the LFS objectives will be sent to members via postal and/or email addresses.
  • Information about members’ attendance at a film is used to indicate the number of members attending each screening. This information is used to assist with managing membership numbers and seating capacity in the cinema.
  • Information about attendance allows the LFS to determine whether members adhere to LFS rules relating to attendance and to act accordingly.

How long will the information be retained?

  • The current membership list is retained until a month after renewals. Members who do not renew have their information deleted.
  • All members details will be protected from theft or loss, and deleted once out of date.

Keeping your information private:

  • All members details will be protected from theft or loss.
  • LFS member details will not be sold nor will they be passed to any third party without members’ consent.
  • The society will not contact members regarding any matter unrelated to the business of the LFS.
  • Members will not be discriminated against on the basis of any information or details collected by LFS.

Any queries about the Privacy Policy can be directed to