Cinema attendance following Public Health and Village Cinema requirements.

Social Distancing  -  Hand Washing/Sanitizing.

Hand sanitizer provided in cinema foyer and entrance to each cinema.

Cinemas in order of use (Filling) 3;2;1

  • Individual members choice to wear mask, gloves, shield.
  • Stay at home if feeling ill - coughing, sneezing etc.
  • Come a little earlier to enable timely seating, and queue with Social Distancing.
  • Card needed to enter - if misplaced please contact to arrange a replacement.
  • Card out to allow fast scanning. 
  • Card entry allows authorities to contact trace, if necessary.
  • Cinema ushers will show you to ALLOCATED seats - moving between cinemas not allowed. Please accept where ushers place you.
  • No holding/reserving of seats. If you are coming with a partner, friend, or even several friends, please enter the foyer together so that you can scan your cards together and you will then be seated together. By sitting in groups, we are able to seat more people whilst still leaving the required spaces between groups.
  • Exit promptly at end of film, & practice Social Distancing.

LFS thanks members for practicing these rules, allowing Village cinemas to manage members attendance. 

Screening times are Monday & Thursday at 6pm, Wednesday 4 and 6.30pm.